City of Heroes Animal Pack Coming Soon, Trailer

Along with a brief announcement heralding the upcoming release of a new "Animal Pack" for City of Heroes, NCsoft and Paragon Studios have released a one-minute video showcasing a bit of what to expect from the booster pack. From our YouTube channel:

And the announcement:
You asked. You speculated. You didn't think it would happen. But get ready to roar, because here comes the Booster Pack you've been waiting for: the Animal Pack is on its way!

Unleash the savage beast you've always wanted with OVER 60 new costume parts and patterns! Prowl the streets of Paragon City as a ferocious cheetah, stalk your way through the Rogue Isles as a bestial wolf, soar the skies of Praetoria as an eagle or lumber your way around as a monstrous minotaur. With new customizable heads, details, patterns, legs, and tails, you can go wild with possibilities!

The Animal Booster also includes new emotes, new auras, four costume change emotes, and the Beast Run travel power, which will let your animal alter ego leap and bound through City of Heroes on all fours!