Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Retrospective

Calling it "the true progenitor of the now crazily popular console RPG" that "had the gall to feature Baldur's Gate-styled turn-based combat", Xbox World 360 has published a retrospective of BioWare's Star Wars: KotOR, published by CVG.
Pretty formulaic sci-fi fare so far, eh? But what about the MEGA TWIST upon the Leviathan that blows everybody's mind a full fifteen hours into the adventure? What's that? Saw it coming a light year off did you? Liar.

This was the videogaming equivalent of The Usual Suspects, The Sixth Sense and The Crying Game rolled into one, and it blew our Yoda-themed socks off.

And when you threw in the most fully realised and inspired use of good/evil mechanics in role playing history (who better to tread that fine line between heroism and villainy than a tormented Jedi?) and some brilliant dialogue, the concoction was heady and irresistible.