Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword Announced

After Warband added multiplayer to hack-n-slash/medieval combat emulator Mount & Blade, the next expansion again co-opts some of the modding community's better ideas by being set in 1653 and featuring muskets. And a storyline! PC Gamer has an announcement trailer and further details:

In possibly the most exciting news of the conference so far, Paradox Interactive have announced that their new expansion for Mount and Blade '˜With Fire and Sword' will be set in 1653 and feature muskets, plus an actual storyline to follow in singleplayer.


As a mercenary leader, you'll either be able to make alliances or go lone-wolf. Enhanced siege mechanics bring a new level of gameplay, with the ability to bribe a guard to open the door, use gunpowder, or even poison the food supply during sieges.