On Fallout's Harold and Bob

The editors at Dealspwn felt that our favorite Fallout ghoul Harold (and Bob, the tree growing out of his head) has been overlooked by those gamers who only experienced Fallout 3, so they've conjured up a brief editorial about the role he has played in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.
Embarking on an adventure with the doctor Richard Grey (more on him later), Harold eventually discovered the source of the dangerous mutations: vats of Forced Evolutionary Virus hidden within the abandoned Mariposa military base. During the inevitable mutant attack, Grey was knocked into the sludge and eventually mutated into the despicable Master, but Harold was rendered unconscious and later awoke to discover that he'd changed into something never before seen in the wastes.

Not quite mutant, not quite ghoul and nowhere near human, Fallout's creators simply describe him as being (very unique and special.) A small tree, which Harold named Bob, started to sprout from the side of his head, starting a symbiotic partnership that would help to shape the wasteland and help those in desperate need. He had every right to be bitter and resentful of his treatment at the hands of the bigoted surface world. but his compassionate nature allowed him to repay suspicion and anger with unconditional kindness. The same accident that created one of Fallout' most monstrous villains also spawned one of its greatest unsung heroes.