Torchlight Xbox 360 Previews

A couple of hands-on previews for the forthcoming Xbox 360 version of Torchlight have reached the web, courtesy of this week's Consumer Electronics Show.

GameSpot kicks things off:
In terms of content, Torchlight brings the core PC game experience over to the 360 with some enhancements, although it leaves some bits behind. The single player game has been brought over in its entirety and now features a number of different enhancements. You'll find a fourth pet, a small dragon, to choose from, new armor sets, a new quest giver tossed into the mix, achievement points, and an option to send a respect potion to a friend as new additions to the experience. The only major piece of the original game that's missing is the level editor which, while unfortunate, isn't the end of the world considering how fun the game is. As far as any other gameplay additions go, while there isn't any multiplayer option, Runic is keeping an (open mind) with regards to DLC once the game ships.

The visuals have also made the leap to the 360 without losing much from the PC game. The original game's low system requirements have made the move to console hardware pretty easy from the looks of things. The 1080p graphics are comparable to the PC although some tweaks to character animation are being implemented to improve the feel of combat. In our time with the game we got to level six and were impressed by how things are looking. The control makes smart use of the Xbox 360 buttons and triggers to retain the smooth feel of its PC predecessor and make the game a breeze to pick up and play. The game's HUD has seen some tweaks, along with the menu system but all the information you need is laid out smartly and in unobtrusive fashion so we're not seeing that there will be much to complain about in the final game.

And then Destructoid chimes in with a mini article, as well:
All commands have been re-maped in a smart way. Things like moving and attacking will be instantly obvious. Facing a direction with the analog stick will put a red halo around your target so that you can attack or cast a spell. It's orientation based, if you will. You'll find that other commands will be found with some finger flickery. For instance, a map comes when you push the analog stick in. Spells and potions are right under your fingers.

You'll also have to get used to not having your face right in a screen, but that's a pleasure when you're relaxing in your easy chair. The redesigned menus and interface will help you enjoy Torchlight from this new distance. In fact, being able to kick back and play Torchlight on the big screen, with your thumbs, without being hunched over a keyboard, may be a revelation for some PC gamers. I'm just saying.