Impulse Holiday Sale, Continued

While getting absolutely slammed by a blizzard, I went poking around for some more video game deals on the 'net to make the next few days of indoor survival a little more bearable. One sale we haven't mentioned much is Impulse's Holiday Sale, where you can get a whole host of role-playing titles for pretty good prices. Here's a quick breakdown:

Silverfall, Silverfall: Earth Awakening, and Loki for $15.99
Arcania: Gothic 4 for $34.99
Mount & Blade: Warband for $14.99
Academagia: The Making of Mages for $12.49
Majesty 2 and its expansions for 50% off
Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes for $7.99
Northland for $4.99
Disciples III: Renaissance for $14.99
Dawn of Magic 2: Time of Shadows for $7.49
Avencast: Rise of the Mage for $5.99
Daemonica for $5.99
Space Hack for $5.99
Greed: Black Border for $9.99
Hinterland: Orc Lords for $9.99