Frayed Knights Development Update

Get ready to groan at puns, as Jay Barnson describes another feature from his upcoming tongue-in-cheek, the smelly feats.
Speaking of over-complicated, I am going to introduce you to the full list (well, full as of right now, all subject to change before release, but unlikely to change much) of feats available in Frayed Knights for the customization of your characters. Every level, you get a character point you can spend on either increasing an attribute (Might, Brains, Reflexes, Charm, or Luck), or to add a feat. In retrospect, there are probably way too many feats for a game this size, though it's intended to be a pretty complete list for the next two games as well (though I won't rule out some tinkering or expansion of the list for the sequels).

Feats are broken up into two categories: Active and Passive. Passive feats are easy. You just take them, and they give you whatever bonuses or extra capabilities that come with them. Take the Sorcery feat, and you can cast low-level Sorcery spells. Take the Deft Fingers feat, and you automatically get a bonus on any attempt to pick a lock or disarm a trap. Some checks (like searching) are always made by the most skilled member of the party, so doubling up on feats that give bonuses in those situations might not be too useful unless your (best) character is incapacitated or debilitated somehow.