Neverwinter Interview

Player Affinity keeps Neverwinter in the limelight by chatting up Cryptic Studios' Jack Emmert about the game's use of the 4th Edition ruleset, its Forge toolset, the potential release window (2011), and more. The answers are really short, but these two stuck out to me:
PLAYER AFFINITY: It isn't called "Neverwinter Nights 3", or "Neverwinter Nights Online". How is your game different in terms of gameplay from what was established by Bioware and Obsidian, the developers of previous Neverwinter titles?

JACK EMMERT: First, we're using D&D 4th edition, rather than the others. Secondly, our game is a tad more action based; we do use (digital dice) to determine hits and damage, but the game isn't as obviously turn based.


PLAYER AFFINITY: Does this tie in with the previous Neverwinter games?

JACK EMMERT: We're definitely alluding to lots of places and people in the previous game.