Fallout: New Vegas Reviews

Obsidian Entertainment's return to the post-apocalyptic wasteland is the subject of four more reviews, and they're all quite favorable.

Thunderbolt gives it an 8/10:
Fallout: New Vegas is a testament to the fact that the small details are what can really matter in a game. For seasoned Fallout fans, New Vegas will represent a huge step in the right direction. Obsidian's writers have crafted a game world which is arguably far superior to Bethesda's; however, for players who aren't looking for a more authentic Fallout game - or simply don't care - this game is basically just more of the same. It's Fallout 3 with a wild west coat of paint to go along with its twisted 1950s aesthetic. That will mean more to some than it will to others, but either way, it's a great adventure.

Daily Titan doesn't score it:
The game wouldn't be called Vegas without gambling, like blackjack, slots, roulette, and a new game called caravan, made especially for the game. But what Fallout: New Vegas does exceptionally well is fuse the seedy Sinatra-strip elements of the story and environment with the Mad Max universe of the post-apocalyptic wastes and the space age era that never came to fruition into a new beast altogether.

PS3 Attitude remains scoreless, too:
If Obsidian Entertainment continues to support the game through patches (and, later on, downloadable content) then what we have here is a title that is simply unmissable for both Fallout and general RPG fans. It's not quite Fallout 4, but New Vegas will easily give you one hundred hours of content if you let it, and will most probably keep you entertained right up until the release of the next game in the series.

And The Kentucky Kernel lays down the following verdict:
(Fallout: New Vegas) is a game that rewards patience. I ended up having over 80 hours put into the game with a multitude of crashes. I never gave up because the game is just that much fun. A game is truly good when it can outshine the technical mess that it's packaged in. Besides, game patches can fix everything, right?