GB Feature: Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga Review

Having recently critiqued Divinity II: Ego Draconis, Steven turns his attention to Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga, taking us through the refinements and additional content present in Larian's bundle pack. Check out his full review:
Flames of Vengeance picks up where Ego Draconis left off, with you in a less-than-ideal position to take down your nemesis Damian. But soon enough, the spirit of an imprisoned wizard seeks you out and makes you a deal. If you help him escape from the underground vault where he's being held, then he'll free you from your predicament and help you defeat Damian. You won't really have a choice in this, and the wizard spirit will accompany you (effectively taking the place of the dragon knight spirit from Ego Draconis) as you spend the next 20 hours completing enough quests so you can free the wizard and save Aleroth.

The best part of the expansion pack is the quests, during which you get to do things like rescue a baby from a burning house, assist a chef so he can impress a food critic, and help three men who have been transformed into vegetables. Larian has always had a good eye for detail, and they're good at writing amusing dialogue, and so their quests are fun even when a lot of them involve well-worn objectives like going to a place and finding an item, or going to a place and killing something. As with Ego Draconis, there are also a lot of secret places and hidden objects to find, but because inventory objects now sparkle when they're on the ground, you don't search for keys so much as for buttons and levers. But the concept is the same, and so if you like carefully exploring places for secret prizes, then Flames of Vengeance is a rewarding game.