All 1C Company Games 60% Off

1C Company fired over a press release this morning announcing that every game available on their online store has been discounted over the holidays by a hefty 60%, which means that their entire RPG collection is ripe for the plucking. If you prefer their store to other digital download platforms, I'd suggest picking up A Farewell to Dragons, Dungeon Cleaners (Planet Alcatraz), and of course the King's Bounty Platinum Pack while they're cheap:

Get 60% Off All Games at the 1C Digital Store
MOSCOW, Russia- December 14, 2010 - Leading Eastern and Central European publisher,1C Company, announced today its entire collection of games is now 60% off.  From December 14th until December 24th players can go to and choose nay games from the 1C catalogue and save.

Whether gamers want to fight their way through WWII in the most realistic war game ever created or climb into the cockpit of a spaceship there are games everyone will enjoy.  Players can find award winning titles like King's Bounty: Crossworlds.  This is the third game in the King's Bounty series and it offers two new campaigns, dozens of quests, items, spells, creatures and a full-scale game editor.  King's Bounty is an adventure game with tactical turn-based battles and RPG elements unfolding in a rich fantasy world. Theatre of War 2: Battle for Caen, is anhistorical real-time tactical war game.  If gamers would rather drive a tank than swing a sword they will love Men of War: Red Tide which is a stunning mixture of RTS and a third-person action title that introduces a new fighting force known for its brutal efficiency during the height of World War II.  Played out across more than 20 missions, Men of War: Red Tide has players take command of the feared "Black Coats," the nickname given to the Soviet Marines.  Plus dozens of other titles are available such as Theatre of War 2, Rig N' Roll, Necrovision, Star Wolves 3 and more.

About 1C Company
1C Company specializes in distribution, publishing and development of business, entertainment and educational software. Founded in 1991, 1C has become the largest publisher and distributor of computer and video games in Eastern and Central Europe. 1C Company is widely acknowledged as a game developer and has several internal studios. Internal developments of 1C include IL-2 Sturmovik series and Theatre of War. 1C Company works as a publisher and producer with over 30 independent development studios and has produced over 100 projects for PC and consoles including titles like Hard Truck 2/King of the Road, Space Rangers, Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, Faces of War, Men of War series, Perimeter, Fantasy Wars, Death to Spies, King's Bounty: The Legend and King's Bounty: Armored Princess.  For more information on 1C please go to our website at
Anybody here ever try the A.I.M. series?