Why Eurogamer Loves Two Worlds

One of the editors at Eurogamer tells us why he "loves" Two Worlds - and we're not talking about Reality Pump's sequel, but rather their debut effort. A few paragraphs:
As you grow into your constantly-improving gear you'll find base versions of it appearing more frequently in traders' inventories. The more you stack an item, the more likely you are to find duplicates of it and stack further.

I recall one suit of Black Necromancer plate armour I'd stacked 18 times. I then came across a new kind of suit that was, in its base state, marginally better, but with the promise of fresh enhancement. Knowing that it might be a while before duplicates started appearing, it was enormously hard to part with my pet project.

The Reality Pump designers obviously knew they were onto a neat thing with this concept as they supported it by cramming the game's towns with vendors. Most RPG population-centres give you a blacksmith, a food vendor, a general-supplies trader and so forth. The cities of Two Worlds boast crowds of traders. I swear I spent half my time in the game just sorting through their wares with a fine tooth comb.