Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga Reviews

A handful of new reviews have appeared for Divinity II: The Dragon Knight saga, a few in magazines and a few online. Console obsession, 8/10.
In Ego Draconis, you begin the game (after creating a hero from an embarrassingly small amount of options) as you experience the hardship and trials of becoming a Dragon Slayer. But obviously, you soon have all the characteristics, such as the spooky white eyes and the mind reading ability of said Dragon Knight, having become one yourself. There's plenty more to this well put together storyline, and books found within the world of Rivellon further flesh out some of its characters and back story. The game also has a great sense of humour and your choice of dialogue can affect certain things within the story.
Eurogamer.be (in Dutch).
The game has us travel the world with a smile on our face, always hoping to encounter new areas and characters. Most non player characters are true pearls and it's easy to underestimate how much they add to your sense of fun. The dialogues are full of nifty word-games humor and sarcasm.
The Divinity II Facebook page also cites two magazine reviews. Gameplay, 82%.
The Dragon Knight Saga brings new life to Divinity 2 and shows craftsmanship at all levels. An ode to all fans and highly recommended for Dragon newbies.
And the always excellent Canard PC, 8/10.
The Flames of Vengeance part offers us in 20 hours more memorable dialogues and characters than most games manage to do in 60 hours.