GoGamer Sale

GoGamer is running another 48-hour madness sale (with 31 hours left as of this writing). Titles that might interest GameBanshee users include Rise of the Argonauts for Xbox 360 (60% off), Diablo Battle Chest (50% off), Planescape: Torment (50% off) (still more expensive than the Good Old Games version) and Rise of the Argonauts for PC, which is a whopping 97% off and costs 90 cents. Rise of the Argonauts is not a very good game, but if you like simple hack 'n slash games and/or Greek mythos it's certainly worth 90 cents (well, and shipping).

Again we'll have to disappoint international users to note that - as far as I know - GoGamer does not ship outside the US.

Thanks Destructoid.