Dungeons Interview

Mana Pool chatted up the Dungeons development team over the holiday weekend, quizzing them about the game's RPG elements, potential for a multiplayer component, hardware requirements, and more. The usual excerpt:
Are there any RPG-like elements across the main campaign part of the game, e.g. will your Dungeon Lord become more powerful throughout or only through each level's acquisition of Prestige/Soul Energy?

Your dungeon lord has attributes and skill points which he can raise during the campaign. So yes, you will become stronger and learn new spells as the game progresses.

Can you explain a bit more about Soul Energy, the items that can be created using it and how the whole system works?

The vision of Dungeons was to create a game that explains why Dungeons look the way they do in typical (Action-)RPG's. Why is there loot lying around, why are the monsters only tough enough to be challenging, and so on.

In Dungeons the player tries to make a typical RPG dungeon and entertain the heroes. The happier the heroes are, the more beneficial it is for the player. This is represented by Soul Energy. With Soul Energy the player can buy prestige items. These have different positive aspects.

Prestige items increase the player's prestige and prestige gives a bonus to his attributes. Also, heroes are impressed by those items and tend to stroll around in your dungeon and admire them. So you can use prestige items to have limited control about hero movement in the dungeon. Last but not least, they make your dungeon look much more impressive!