Mass Effect 2 PS3 Details

The latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine offers a look at the PS3 port of Mass Effect 2, and a NeoGAF poster shares some key details. Read on:
* Casey Hudson calls the comic a save game generator.
* Nearly $100 of additional content,all 3 major expansion packs and over a doze on smaller Pieces of DLC altogether adds up to approximately 20 hours of additional gameplay.
* The PS3 version will also feature 3 years worth of engine updates and every patch release for the game.
* The developers promise that they are not taking any shortcuts"Oftentimes when you got to the PS3 you see stuff like down-resing and using a smaller than 720p resolution to try and get back some of the framerate.We haven't done that says producer Jesse Houston,we really wanted to try to make it as good, if not better than the Xbox version."