Dragon Age Darkspawn and Grey Warden Swords Now Available

BioWare and Epic Weapons sent out a joint press release this afternoon announcing plans to sell a line of Dragon Age swords (much like the Frostmourne sword they sold to World of Warcraft fans), with the first twenty being auctioned off over the next eight days in case anyone needs a thick, heavy, and sharp gift to impale or present someone with this holiday season. Both the Darkspawn Sword and the Grey Warden Render Sword retail for $349 plus shipping, so selling a kidney may be required:
EPIC Weapons® Announces Launch of Dragon Age® Sword Auction and Introductory Sale

EPIC Weapons® to auction first 10 Grey Warden Swords and first 10 Darkspawn Greatswords beginning today and concluding on November 30, 2010.

On December 1, 2010, Epic Weapons Introductory Offer will feature 200 Grey Warden Swords and Darkspawn Greatswords on a first-come-first-serve basis. Regular sale of the swords begins January 21, 2011.

EPIC Weapons announced today that it has launched the auction for the Grey Warden Sword and Darkspawn Greatsword as seen in BioWare's Dragon Age. The auction will be for the first 10 of each sword and can be found at http://auction.epicweapons.com/DragonAge. Each sword is embedded with a Game-to-Gear RFID chip for easy identification and certification, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and wall mount. Each participant who registers will be guaranteed a Grey Warden Sword or Darkspawn Greatsword (of their choosing) with delivery following the auction winners in the order of sign-up. ALL AUCTION PARTICIPANT SHIPMENTS WILL BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO ANY CHRISTMAS OR INTRODUCTORY OFFERS.

Epic Weapons will be offering a Christmas Introductory offer for the first 200 Grey Warden Swords and Darkspawn Greatswords. This introductory offer is only available through Epic Weapons. The swords officially go on sale January 21, 2011. For further information visit www.epicweapons.com.