Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga Reviews

Larian's Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga bundle pack continue to receive high marks from reviews across the web, with several more popping up over the last few days.

NowGamer gives it an 8.2/10:
It is what most would call a hardcore experience, but those with longer memories are going to fall back into its medieval rhythms as if they never left in the first place. It can't quite compete at the highest level, simply because of its slightly budget feel compared to the likes of Dragon Age, but if you're looking for something deeper and more challenging, if a little rough around the edges, there's simply no other hardcore RPG release in this half of 2010 which can touch it.

MyGamer gives it an 8.8/10:
Divinity II is simply a great game. While there might be some odd little shortfalls that pop up that keep it from the halls of true greatness, there really is just so much going for it in the way of immersive world and enjoyable gameplay that it is worth exploring. With the newest addition of Fable seemingly falling as flat as it did it is always good to know that there are other developers out there more than able to make the same type of game just as well. Simply writing this review has made me want to go back and play even more of the game.

Computer Games Romania gives it an 80/100:
Judged on its own, Flames of Vengeance isn't that tempting, although the price is decent for an expansion pack. But the Dragon Knight Saga is a very good package, especially for those who didn't play the original in the first place. You get an improved Ego Draconis with balance tweaks, better graphics and loot, plus the add-on which offers some closure to the story.

Gaming Shogun doesn't score it:
Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga is a very well put together collection of games with a unique character building system as well as interesting gameplay and very fun dialogue options. I'm glad they didn't let the game slip through the cracks so that folks not only got a second chance to try it, but a chance to double their play.

And The Guardian gives it a 4/5:
Once you put some hours in the game starts to open up with the ability to take on dragon form. New enemies and quests now take place up high. On the ground the action continually gathers pace and the original game alone is likely to take 30-50 hours to complete. The expansion pack promises a similar amount. You may get frustrated at times by some tricky foes but you won't feel short-changed by this game.