Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance Review

Rather than take a closer look at The Dragon Knight Saga and the many tweaks that it brings to the table, GameInformer has conjured up a review of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance as the expansion pack was originally crafted. Their score of 7.75/10 seems a bit high for the text that accompanies it:
If only the underlying RPG systems and the combat were of a similar quality. The skill progression suffers from the same problem that plagued Diablo II at release, where doing anything but stacking all of your points in three or four skills gimps your character. There is only a bare selection of skills, many of which are cooldown-limited besides. Consumables are hideously boring, granting such inspired effects as +10 Strength or +18 Ranged Armor. Other than hitting these lame buttons, your options are to attack and dodge, neither of which works well since collision between your weapons, the enemies, and the environment is so unpredictable. The customizable necromantic pet is supposed to add flexibility to the combat, but is nothing better than a distraction at the super-high levels in which the Flames of Vengeance adventure takes place.