Dragon Age II Preview

There's a new preview of BioWare's Dragon Age II online and ready for your scrutiny, and this time it comes to us via Mana Pool. A two-paragraph excerpt:
Whilst there are a few changes to the interface in the work, these are apparently mainly for the console, leaving the PC combat experience largely untouched between Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, as Bioware seemed quite happy with how it plays on PC as is this eager previewer.

In terms of continuity, Dragon Age II apparently takes actions imported from Dragon Age: Origins saves into account in some way hopefully giving real impact to those important decisions. Some Dragon Age: Awakening choices will be included, as well. Hawke's story starts before the end of Dragon Age: Origins, as well, so if this is done well, I am looking forward to seeing the choices my character made in Dragon: Age Origins directly affecting my actions as I play through the start of Dragon Age 2.