World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Preview

The editors at FileFront were able to take Cataclysm's new Worgen race for a spin at last weekend's BlizzCon, and have since put together a hands-on impressions piece.
Luckily for my Rogue and all the other Worgen at BlizzCon, the Gilneans have come up with a stopgap treatment for Worgenism. It's not a cure you don't revert to being a straight human but you do maintain your human mind within the Worgen body. So begins a story of discrimination and identity. One of the cinematic trailers for the race suggests the other humans are distrustful of the Worgen, seeing as they still outwardly look like monstrous killing machines, despite wearing cool armor or mage's robes.

Hopefully it's a dark and murderous story of deceit. I was definitely drawn in for the couple of hours I was able to spare at BlizzCon up in the press room, standing in front of a monitor. And to the credit of Street and everyone else at Blizzard, the low-level new-player experience in the Worgen campaign was pretty great. I had ramped up close to eight levels just in the little time I got with the game. I hadn't even left Gilneas yet.