Frayed Knights Development Updates

Rampant Games' Jay Barnson has posted two more development updates for Frayed Knights, the first of which tells us that the game has reached an alpha state in a roundabout way and a second that takes us through a long overdue revisit to the game's pilot release.
In revisiting the pilot, I discovered a couple of things. First off, it was a nice reminder of the amount of detail I'm supposed to pack my dungeons with. Many of the later areas aren't quite as well detailed, and they need to be. So I've got some more work to do. I believe that each dungeon should tell its own story a story that exists apart from the player's involvement. And even the Temple of Pokmor Xang is missing some of that.

Another point of note is how so much of the way I'm doing things has evolved since then. In fact, some parts were literally broken because the code had become obsolete and removed from the game many moons ago. Oops! Fortunately, it wasn't a huge task to bring them back up to modern standards. There are quite a few more changes that need to be made to the temple itself, but nothing else too drastic.

I was also able to note a handful of bugs and issues with the pilot that I actually shipped with. How did I let that happen? Some were really simple fixes.