Legend of Grimrock II Water Spells
Requires: Water Magic 1, Concentration 1 Energy Cost: 42
Scroll Location: Archives
Shoots a ray that damages elementals.

Ice Shards
Requires: Water Magic 1, Earth Magic 1 Energy Cost: 30
Scroll Location: Twigroot Tunnels
Hits all opponents in a line with deathly sharp spikes of ice. Each point in Water Magic increases the spell's range by 1.

Requires: Water Magic 3, Air Magic 1 Energy Cost: 37
Scroll Location: XXX
Hurls a bolt that deals freezing ice damage. Each point in Water Magic increases the chance and duration of the freezing effect.

Frost Shield
Requires: Water Magic 3, Concentration 3 Energy Cost: 50
Scroll Location: Sleet Island
Creates a magical shield reducing cold damage against the party.