Legend of Grimrock II Fire Spells
Requires: Fire Magic 1 Energy Cost: 25
Scroll Location: Shipwreck Beach
Conjures a blast of fire that deals fire damage to all foes directly in front of you.

Requires: Fire Magic 3, Air Magic 1 Energy Cost: 43
Scroll Location: Ruins of Desarune
A flaming ball of fire shoots from your fingertips causing devastating damage to your foes.

Fire Shield
Requires: Fire Magic 3, Concentration 3 Energy Cost: 50
Scroll Location: Orul's Crypt
Creates a magical shield reducing fire damage against the party.

Meteor Storm
Requires: Fire Magic 5, Air Magic 3 Energy Cost: 80
Scroll Location: Crystal Mine Entrance
Unleashes a devastating storm of 5 meteors at your foes.