Ice Shard
Ice Shard
Location #1

Two Rivers Spirit Cave - Taught by Water Dragon's spirit if you choose "Ice"

Location #2

Lotus Assassin Fortress - Purchased from Acolyte Trainer Guang


Drains Chi, Power Attack can initiate a Harmonic Combo that produces a Chi power-up.

In-Game Description

While many warriors swear by the power of Dire Flame, many others seek to master the powerful Ice Shard. By using their chi to summon forth the soul-chilling cold of the highest mountains, masters of Ice Shard can send daggers of ice flying toward enemies, call a freezing ice storm to slow their shivering foes, or even encase opponents in columns of ice before shattering them with a single blow. Few fighters have the courage to stand up to the cold stare of an Ice Shard master.