Silk Fox / Princess Lian
Silk Fox / Princess Lian

Imperial City Scholars' Garden - Offers to join in order to bring down Death's Hand

Attack / Support

Long Sword / Extra Martial Arts Style Damage


Silk Fox's attacks can damage spirits.

In-Game Description

Silk Fox is as enigmatic as she is beautiful. When her long sword is not flashing from foe to foe, she lends her skill to you.

Notable Game Influence

Regardless of which gender you choose for a character, Silk Fox is available for a romance in Jade Empire. You'll have to speak with her at every opportunity (a yellow arrow will appear above her head when she has something to say) and always reply in a positive manner, but it can be done. If you tell Silk Fox you love her before approaching the Emperor for the first time, she will be awaiting you outside your tent when you reach the Dirge Temple. Speak with her to complete the romance.