Tiger Shen
Tiger Shen
Starting Statistics

Tiger Shen is considered a "Strong" character type. He begins the game with five points in Body (150 Health), two points in Spirit (120 Chi), and three points in Mind (130 Focus).

Starting Styles

White Demon and Heavenly Wave


Tiger Shen is an example of the quintessential brawler. He has the strength to use the heaviest weapons available and the skill to bring them to bear against even the fastest opponents. He makes the best use of styles that bring his brawn into play, throwing his weight around to unbalance the enemy. Strong strikes and blocks make him both an unstoppable force and an immovable object.

Tiger Shen is best used on the battlefield as a bulwark against the enemy. He doesn't need to waste time getting into position if the fight comes to him. This may seem unsubtle to his detractors, but they cannot argue its effectiveness. Steady does not have to mean slow, however, and if his skills are modified to suit a faster suite of styles, he doesn't have to be shy about chasing the enemy down.