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Eschalon: Book II

Developer:CD Projekt RED
Release Date:2007-10-30
  • Action,Role-Playing
Platforms: Theme: Perspective:
  • Isometric,Third-Person
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GB: What effect will the day and night cycles have on the game? For example, will fatigue set in after a certain time or will it become more dangerous to travel during the night?

CD Projekt: The day and night cycles will influence the gameplay greatly. First of all, some of the quests will only be achievable at night, e.g. slaying the monster, who appears only after the darkness has spread over the lands. Such quests will be numerous. Nights will generally be the time of dangers, even in the cities, where all kinds of scum, be it burglars or even murderers, wander the streets after the sunset. When tipsy, the player should also watch his back, for the city guards patrol the streets, canning every suspicious individual. Obviously, outside the city walls one can expect various beasts to appear. The NPC's will as well act accordingly with the day and night cycles, following their daily routines during the day, and resting after dusk.

GB: Will most of the game take place on the surface, or will we be spending a lot of time exploring crypts, catacombs, and other dungeons? Care to give us an example of such a dungeon?

CD Projekt: The underground' locations make about 30% of the game's world, so most of our travels will be across the surface. This however, does not mean that towns, villages or forests are safer than caves and ancient catacombs. At night they too, may pose a grave threat to our hero. One of most terrifying and dangerous locations is far from being under ground. I mean the Swamps spreading around the Old Vyzime. The route that leads through them has been closed by the king, due to various dangers and threats it posed. Thus, one of the villages remains cut off from the civilized land, and the villagers are forced to use boats only to get to the city.

GB: How many different magic items will be available throughout the game, and will most of these be found via exploration or from merchants? Any favorite weapons or armor that you can share the statistics and/or background to?

CD Projekt: In the world of The Witcher magic, and magical items are not as common as in a typical fantasy world. Each of the magical items will have its history and meaning. a legend behind, that will explain its origins and unique powers magically interwoven into its structure. Two most important of them are of course the Witcher's Wolf Amulet and a silver sword, indispensable attributes of a monster-slayer. Without his amulet, the Wicher would be unable to use high-level magical powers and detect magic. The silver sword may occur the only efficient anti-monster blade.

GB: Since The Witcher is known as a swordsman, will we be using a sword through most of the game, or will other weapon types be available? If other types are useable, will The Witcher be as proficient with them as he is with the sword?

CD Projekt: There will be a wide range of weapons available in The Witcher apart from various swords, the main character will be able to use axes, knives and torches, not to mention the self-made '˜bombs'. Many weapons possess features effective in certain situations, though of course the Witcher will not be as skilled with a hammer, as he would be with a sword. It's naturally much easier to stun your enemy with a cudgel. And the axes increase the opportunity of acquiring monsters' intestines - used in potion production.

GB: Tell us a bit about the monster AI in the game. Will some of the smarter opponents utilize any types of strategies against the player?

CD Projekt: There will be basically two categories of opponents In the game monsters and people (or rather humanoids, including dwarves and elves). Not only do they differ in certain attributes, but also in strategies and tactics used during combat. Some of the opponents are swift and agile, they try to keep the threat at bay and counterattack abruptly, pouncing around. Others are slow, yet attack with immense power, not to mention they're resistant to hits and injuries. Then there are of course swarms of beasts (and groups of people) using team tactics, and supporting each other with backline ranged weapons and spells.

GB: We've seen quite a few RPGs lately that have a "good" and "evil" route that influences many aspects of the game. Will The Witcher incorporate such alternate routes and choices? If so, what effect will such choices have on NPC interaction or even the character's abilities?

CD Projekt: You should not expect a clear division between .ood' and .vil' in The Witcher. In other words, the possible ways to completing many quests base rather on personal choices and alliances of powers. It is of course up to the players, whether they chose to take sides, decide what's right or wrong, or simply despise what and whom they wish. Nonetheless, no choice will ever be a question of .ood' and .vil'. '˜light' and '˜darkness'.

GB: Will there be multiple endings to The Witcher, perhaps influenced by some of the choices the player has made earlier in the game?

CD Projekt: Very much so. At the moment we're planning three different endings. The ending we'll see will be entirely dependant on the deeds and actions we decided to take in the game. We are sure this will be the reason, many of the gamers will gladly return to The Witcher, a cause of its tilt and longevity. Many will be curious to see whether the things they'd done could have happened differently if (at a certain time) decided or planned otherwise. I myself (playing the test version) was hell-curious of my choices and the events they'd trigger :).

GB: Once you've finished development on The Witcher, what is next for CD Projekt RED? Do you intend on furthering development of The Witcher, perhaps with an expansion or sequel, or do you think you'll move on to an all-new project?

CD Projekt: At the moment we're so much concentrated on The Witcher, that it's hard to plan ahead. To put it hmm. quite intuitively and unofficially, I would not be surprised if we decided to continue tinkling with the world of The Witcher. We have already put so much heart and work into the project. It would simply be difficult to abandon the idea just like that. During our work we've come up with a bunch of crazy ideas concerning the world of The Witcher, some of them I am sure would be much rewarding if introduced into being!

Meanwhile, I'd like to thank you for reading, support and interest in our game.

Thanks for answering our questions, guys! For more information about The Witcher, keep your eyes on our very own subsite dedicated to the game and CD Projekt's official website.