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GB: How strongly enforced are the low-magic and perma-death policies in Argyle Online?

Xyx: As a result of Argyle's history with mages, they are on a par with thieves, despised and forced to practice their craft in secrecy. However, just as with thieves, some find their way into parties that grudgingly accept the skills they offer. Magic items are quite rare, and all of them are unique.

Perma-death is just regular D&D out-of-the-book perma-death. You must depend on your party members to raise you.

GB: Argyle Online has maintained the status of a 'Test Server' since Neverwinter Nights' release. How soon can it be expected to shed that title, and be considered complete?

Xyx: We've come a long way since then, but professional pride forbids me from totally dispensing with the "test" label until our module is "complete". With that, I mean that we've addressed all the annoyances and deviations we can that separate NWN from D&D, and that we have completed the town of Unidan and its surroundings. Once we have attained those goals and have "one of everything", we will have passed our self-imposed test and shift more focus from innovation to expansion.

GB: How much custom content is involved in Argyle Online?

Xyx: "A lot". We use the hardcore bits of HCR, a number of creatures (spiders), placeables (too many to mention, but especially trees) and tile set upgrades (gentle hills, alleys) gathered from the Vault. Unique Argyle-only additions include swamp tiles, spawn scripts, some AI upgrades, coloured text, core rule animal companions, the option to have one's clothing or armour customized, a substantial number of "DM assistance" scripts, a tweak that hides other PCs' and creatures' challenge ratings and many, many more minor enhancements of various types.

GB: Are there any plans for Argyle Online to become available in a manner where other builders and scripters may take advantage of its content, custom or modified?

Xyx: We're bound by Silver Oak Studios copyright, so we're not at liberty to distribute any Argyle-specific content. However, any persistent world builders interested in one of our many generic additions (spawn system, armour customizing, animal companions, coloured text and the upcoming store system) can talk to us about it.

GB: What are your personal aspirations for Argyle Online?

Xyx: To carry on in the direction we've taken. More D&D compliance, more detail, more things to do for players (like scripted quests).

GB: Are there any last remarks and comments you would like to make?

Xyx: Yes, Argyle Online has the best player crowd out there! Friendly and mature role-players dedicated to the Argyle ideals.

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We'd like to give our thanks to the Argyle team, especially Xyx, for taking the time to answer our questions!