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Release Date:2011-06-30
  • Action,Massively Multiplayer,Role-Playing
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  • First-Person,Third-Person
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GB: How many people are actively working on Hellgate at HanbitSoft, and are they primarily working on bug fixes or new content?

Namo: Developers are about 20 and operating personnel is about 10. They are working on bug fixes and new contents.

GB: Do you plan on readding DirectX 10 support to the North American version and allocating more time to translating? For example, there are several items that still read "Needs Translation" within the game, the game refers to the end Abyss boss as Berial/Belial/Bellial at different times, and some skills and items are even misspelled.

Namo: Many users send us their opinion and bugs. Our developers are still working on fixing them.

GB: Can you explain how your development process currently works? Do you patch in fixes and build new content for the Korean version, then send it to another team for translating before sending it out to other territories? Is the Korean build considerably ahead of the North American build in terms of fixes and new content?

Namo: We send it to another local team for translating before sending it out to other territories. We've finished the development of Hellgate Global. Korean build is fixed considerably. So these fixed core things are reflected. Currently we are launching the new contents of Hellgate sequentially.

GB: North American and European gamers haven't traditionally been as receptive to microtransactions that increase a player's power in the game, yet you've added skill points, powerful pets, and other unobtainable items to the in-game store. Are you worried that adding too many of these types of items will cause some dissent among its fans, who might feel it's becoming more "pay-to-win" than "free-to-play"?

Namo: We just developed game item for users to play Hellgate easily. We don't think these types of items will cause some dissent because if users don't want to buy the items, almost all the items are made for convenience. User can play Hellgate without the items.

Just when users want to be high level faster than other users, some items help them grow up fast. Even skill points is for people who are difficult to grow up. Just playing longtime, they can obtain the skill points as the level goes up.

GB: Hellgate's unique blend of third-person shooter combat, RPG mechanics, and numbers-heavy item and modding systems have given it a very devoted fanbase over the years. Have you ever considered developing a Hellgate sequel, either in-house or contracted through a third-party developer? If so, what are the odds that a sequel will eventually become a reality?

Namo: Of course we've considered developing a Hellgate sequel in-house. Now the developing is ongoing. For more information, we'll notice about that over time.