Tiefling (Human Sub-race)
The infernal counterpart to aasimar, tieflings are humans with a hint of the diabolical in their bloodline. Though their appearance is mostly human, they often have telltale signs that belie their ancestry. Tieflings usually have dusky skin and dark or reddish hair. Though many sport small horns, cat eyes, or other bizarre features, most tieflings try to hide their abnormalities from humans.

  • +2 to Intelligence

  • +2 to Dexterity

  • +2 to Bluff and Hide skill checks

  • +5 to Cold, Fire, and Electrical Resistances

  • Blindness 1/day
  • -2 to Charisma

  • Character level is considered 1 level higher when the experience for advancing levels is determined
Favored Class:
  • Rogue


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