Gold Dwarf (Dwarven Sub-race)
In a time when the dwarven race is in sad decline, the gold dwarves of the Realms received a divine gift from Moradin, the Soul Forger. The father of the dwarven gods granted the Thunder Blessing upon his people, resulting in a slow growth of the gold dwarf population. Though its effects may not be felt for decades, gold dwarves are already starting to re-establish themselves in the Realms as shrewd traders and proud, if somewhat haughty, warriors.

  • +2 to Constitution

  • +2 to Search

  • +2 to Fortitude saves against poison

  • +2 to saves against spells

  • +1 to Hit Drow, Mind Flayers, and Driders

  • +4 to AC vs. giants

  • Darkvision
  • -2 to Dexterity
Favored Class:
  • Fighter


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