Lots of Gold
Charisma and Friends

Have a bard or mage with 18 charisma and the Friends spell. Before conducting business with any shopkeeper, smith, or magic-item seller, cast Friends, then talk with the person.

Also, have all the equipment ready to sell before you do this. A Charisma of 22 will lower the price of a 1000gp scroll about 200-300 gp, and so is worth it! (Same % for almost all costly purchases.)

One way to avoid the reduction of prices for redundant items and diminshing demand by the shopkeeper is to give all of the same item to one player. If you don't and you click sell, the selling price drops to a lower price. If your party has, say, 15 pelts, give them all to one character, then that character highlights all of them before selling, getting the maximum price for all pelts, as opposed to a reduced price for subsequent sellings.

Other than that, there are some characters who will pay more for items than others. Don't sell anything to Nim, he'll charge you and arm and a leg, for example. I'd recommend the guy in the Severed Hand, and the Kuldahar shopkeeper to sell to.

Submitted By: Dale Thurber

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