Battling Belhifet
Keep Your Party Intact

The problem here is defeating Belhifet with your party intact. There are 2 sure-fire ways. Needless to say, have your best weapons and armour available, healing potions and other quick items available. Offensive magic isn't very effective, so even equip your mage(s) with melee weapons, the higher the + the better (+3 is needed to hurt both the Golems and Belhifet). There are a few weapons that are must haves, concentrating on this fact early in the game may save you at the end. These are: Pale Justice Aihonen's sword +5, spear +5, Axe +4, two-handed sword +4, morning star +4, short sword +4, and Conlan's Hammer. Make sure you can use these weapons – inflicting massive damage rapidly is the key. Special effects do not seem to work on him – hammering abilities for example. Concentrate on items that will affect your characters – effects will often be rapidly dispelled anyway.

    Don't do any preparation. Charge him down immediately with the majority of your party. The Golems are a nuisance but you don't want to be running all over the place dodging their gas clouds and setting off traps, so distract them with your ‘weakest' character (they instinctively go for a mage) and maybe have someone attack them with Conlan's Hammer. The rest of your party will engage him and cast spells/drink potions only after the first few traps and Belhifets dispel ability. Then caste haste/drink oils of speed and merrily hack away. You will have to heal the injured and move once or twice when he teleports – heal and repeat the haste process. Simple.

    Cast invisibility 10' radius. He will not dispel but instead, he and the Golems attack. Detect and avoid traps all the while, move out of the gas clouds, haste and attack him. Even simpler.

Submitted By: Gruntboy

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