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Mr. Mechanical
Mr. Mechanical is a giant version of his wrecking ball mechs, very slow but very powerful. His melee attacks are the strongest in the game, so any hero attacking him from underfoot is going to take incredible amounts of damage. He also has an area attack that stomp that will knockback nearby heroes. He also has a lot of hit points, so he'll take a pounding before going down. Ranged attacks are the safest way to take him on, but you'll often have to engage him in close combat to distract him from destroying structures to complete a primary objective. In this case, it is best to send your strongest hero (preferably one immune to knockback) to take him on while the rest of the team continues the ranged assault.


   - Grim Resolve
   - Ponderous
   - Grounded
   - Bedeviled


   - Mecha Smash
   - Mecha Stomp
   - Flame Cannon
   - Mr Mech Stomp
Mr. Mechanical
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