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Deja Vu
Deja Vu is the reason human cloning is illegal. He has a short range attack that does radiation damage, but he will ordinarily just keep cloning himself until he is defeated. The real Deja Vu always has the longest life bar. Every time he clones himself, the clones have half of his CURRENT life, so the more you damage the real Deja Vu, the weaker his clones are when spawned. The real Deja Vu will often avoid combat to keep sending clones after you, so if you wait too long to take him on, you will quickly become overwhelmed with clones.


   - Jumper
   - Timid
   - Radioactive
   - Glass Bones


   - Slap
   - Deja Duplication
   - Reminder Ray
Deja Vu
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