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Mage Level 1

Range: 0
Duration: Special
Area of Effect: One character

With this spell the mage can surround a character with a magical field that protects as chain mail (AC 6). The spell has no effect on characters who already have AC 6 or greater and it does not have a cumulative effect with the Shield spell. The spell lasts until dispelled, or until the character suffers damage that is equal to or greater than 8 hit points +1 hit point for every level of the caster.

Burning Hands

Range: Close
Duration: Instantaneous
Area of Effect: Front rank target

When a mage casts this spell, a jet of searing flame shoots from his fingertips. The damage inflicted by the flame increases as the mage increases in level and gains power. The spell does one to three points of damage plus two points per level of the caster. For example, a 10th level mage would do 21-23 points of damage.

Detect Magic

Range: 0
Duration: Short
Area of Effect: Carried items

This spell allows a mage to determine if any of the items carried by members of the party are magically enchanted. All magic items in the party are indicated for a short period of time.

Magic Missile

Range: Long
Duration: Instantaneous
Area of Effect: One target

The mage creates a bolt of magic force that unerringly strikes one target. If there are two monsters, the missile automatically hits the one on the same side as the caster. Magic Missiles do greater damage as a mage increases in level. Initially, Magic Missile does two to five points of damage, and for every two extra levels the spell does two to five more points. So a first or second-level mage does two to five points of damage, but a third or fourth-level mage does four to ten, and so on.


Range: 0
Duration: Short to medium
Area of Effect: Spellcaster

This spell produces an invisible barrier in front of the mage that totally blocks Magic Missile attacks. It also offers AC 2 against hurled weapons (darts, spears) and AC 3 against propelled missiles (arrows, sling-stones). The spell does not have a cumulative effect with the Armor spell. The spell duration increases with the level of the caster.

Shocking Grasp

Range: Close
Duration: Variable or until mage touches a monster
Area of Effect: Caster

This spell magically charges the caster's hand with a powerful electrical field. The field remains in place until the spell dissipates naturally or the character touches an adjacent monster. When the spell is cast a hand picture appears in the caster's primary hand. Use this as you would any other weapon. The spell does one to eight points of damage plus one point per level of the caster. For example, a 10th-level mage does 11-18 points of damage. The amount of time it takes the spell to dissipate ranges from medium to long with the level of the caster.