Mage Knight: Apocalypse Character Reveal #5: Tal Windstrider

Eschalon: Book II

Publisher:Namco Hometek
Developer:InterServ International
Release Date:2006-09-26
  • Action,Role-Playing
Platforms: Theme: Perspective:
  • Third-Person
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Tal Windstrider

While Tal is still considered young (only 312 years of age), his birth into a noble family has made him useful to the Relishan Council, the ruling body of the High Elven people.

Trained in the ways of the Paladin, raised to be a great defender of his people, Tal Windstrider is now being used as a pawn in the great game of politics.

The High Elves are powerful. Each of them has practiced the games of politics and war far beyond the skills of the shorter-lived races, but the Solonavi have been more than a match to the Relishan Council.

So the Council has offered the services of
Tal Windstrider
the young noble, Tal Windstrider, to the Solonavi. Tal is to help them in any way possible, up to and including the risk of his own life. In return, the Solonavi treat Tal as a sort of diplomatic envoy to the Council, which suits the needs of both sides.

Tal understands the position into which he's been placed. He knows his real goal is to learn as much about the Solonavi as possible, while simultaneously working to further their ends so the Solonavi learn to trust Tal (and by extension, the High Elves themselves), hopefully revealing still more information in the process.

When the time comes, Tal will return home to his people, with invaluable intelligence for the Council.

Skill Trees

Melee: These skills focus on channeling holy power into the art of close-up combat. With abilities to bless weapons and armor for himself and allies, as well as formidable abilities like Hammer of the Gods and Holy Shockwave, this elf is a powerful force on the battlefield.

Protection: The magics in this area all focus on supporting and protecting himself and his allies. From healing to resurrection, consecration to prayer, these abilities make entire groups stronger.

Ranged: Focusing holy magics on archery allows the calling of lightnings from the sky, the creation of divine moments of focus, and is the only expertise that allows the use of crossbows.