Mage Knight: Apocalypse Character Reveal #3: Kithana of Uhlrik

Eschalon: Book II

Publisher:Namco Hometek
Developer:InterServ International
Release Date:2006-09-26
  • Action,Role-Playing
Platforms: Theme: Perspective:
  • Third-Person
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Kithana of Uhlrik

This undead Necropolis Sect warrior was born an Elf in the remote mountain village of Ashton over two centuries ago. Her family was of noble lineage in the Order of Uhlrik, a time-honored clan of Nightblades loyal to the
Kithana of Uhlrik
Necropolis. In other words, the family business was assassination.and Kithana was a quick study.

Rapidly learning the family ways, Kithana was hungry to know more, eventually seducing a prominent Necromancer into teaching her those dark ways. Again, she absorbed knowledge quickly, soaking up the fundamentals of raising the dead and learning how she could wield terrible power in the future.

Meanwhile, the Vampiric Civil War was about to erupt, pitting the various Orders against one another with the savagery that only the undead can achieve. In the opening days of the wars, a rival house to Uhlrik, the Order of Vladd, moved swiftly against Kithana's family, in an obviously pre-orchestrated move. The surprise attack was well executed and most of the Order of Uhlrik was destroyed or driven into hiding.

Kithana fought bravely, but was ordered to escape and survive as an heir to the Order of Uhlrik. And so, following orders, she fled the conflict and watched as her beloved Order was destroyed. Adapting quickly and becoming a rogue agent hiring out to anyone that could pay, she used her skills to stay one step ahead of the perpetual Vladd assassins that trailed her.

When the mysterious race known as the Solonavi contacted her, Kithana was certain she was to be destroyed, but the Solonavi knew of her abilities, and offered her a role as Oathsworn instead. The Solonavi have extensive resources and a vast information network, and now bereft of  the support of her family or Order, Kithana saw the Solonavi offer as a way to not only help her survive, but also to help her exact revenge on her enemies. So she joined the Solonavi cause, but only because she has no one else to turn to, and only as long as the Solonavi remain useful to her. Should situations change, so might her actions.

Skill Trees

Necromantic: The Necromantic vampires study the division between life and death. They are the summoners of the undead, creating zombies and golems to do their bidding, as well as wielding powers revolving around resurrection and plague.

Physical: Using the speed and grace of her Elvish heritage combined with the strength and deviousness of the Vampire, following the Physical path hones her ability to hit opponents in critical weak spots, resist pain and damage, and become a veritable demon of steel in melee combat.

Vampiric: Embracing the bloodlust allows you access to some of the more traditional vampiric powers, such as renewing your health with the blood of others, charming with a gaze, assuming the form of a bat, and seeing into the nether world, among other things.