Diabolic Skills
Skill Description Prereqs Available To
Critical Strike The ability to kill an opponent with a single melee strike. The higher a character's level in this skill, the more likely it is that the Critical Strike will be effective. None Hatamoto, Ninja Lord, Shaolei Master
Crushing Blow The ability to stun and knock back enemies with heavy and blunt weapons. None Crusader, Lord
Drainlife A character's ability to absorb Life directly from enemies when they are hit by the character's magical attacks. None Cabalist, War Witch, Warlock
Hawkeye The ability to kill an opponent at range with a single arrow. The higher a character's level in this skill, the more likely it is that the Hawkeye attack will be effective. None Ranger Lord
Inflict Wounds The ability to inflict heavy wounds that cause enemies to continue bleeding. None Deathlord, Hatamoto, Samurai, Warlord
Iron Will The ability to absorb the damage from an attack without disruption to the character's attacks and spell casting. None Kenjasai, Stargazer
Ninjutsu A character's ability to strike using hands and feet as lethal weapons. None Budoka, Monk, Shugenja
Shadow Lord (CE) The ability to transform into shadow form, acquiring special immunity to most magic spells, plus the ability to glide over ground and water. (Note: This skill must be invoked. This can be done under the "invoke" tab in the inventory panel.) None Shadow Lord
Spellfire Boosts the amount of damage inflicted by a character's magic spells, and improves their ability to penetrate anti-magic fields and barriers. None Wizard