Race: Halfling
  • +2 dexterity, -2 strength: Halflings are quick, agile and good with ranged weapons, but not as strong as other humanoids.

  • +1 Armor Class bonus, +1 attack roll bonus, +4 bonus on Hide checks, and 3/4 carrying limit: As small creatures, halflings are harder to hit and hide better, but can carry less than the other races.

  • +2 bonus on Jump, Listen, and Move Silently checks: Halflings are surefooted and nimble.

  • +1 bonus on all saving throws and +2 saving throw bonus against Fear: Halflings are surprisingly capable at avoiding mishaps.

  • +1 attack roll bonus with thrown weapons: Throwing stones is a universal sport among halflings and they have excellent aim.


Halflings are clever, capable opportunists. Depending on the clan, halflings might be reliable, hard-working citizens, or they might be thieves just waiting for the opportunity to make a big score and disappear in the dead of the night.

Halfling adventurers are typically looking for a way to use their skills to gain wealth or status. The distinction between a halfling adventurer and a halfling just out to make a big score can be blurry. While halfling opportunism can sometimes look like larceny or fraud to others, a halfling adventurer who learns to trust his fellows is worthy of trust in return.

In the world of Eberron, halflings are nomads who ride domesticated dinosaurs across the wide Talenta Plains. The heritage of the nomad also serves more urbanized halflings well, and halflings have established themselves across Eberron as merchants, politicians, healers, and criminals. The tribal nomads of the plains can sometimes be found in the cities, but often the halflings of the cities blend in with the rest of the population and display only the occasional reminder of their roots. Halflings are affiliated with the House Jorasco in Stormreach.