Class: Wizard
The wizard's strength is her spells. She learns new spells as she experiments and grows in experience, and she can learn from scrolls she finds. In addition to learning new spells, a wizard can, over time, learn to manipulate her spells so they work better, do more damage, or last longer.

A few unintelligible words and fleeting gestures carry more power than a battleaxe, when they are the words and gestures of a wizard. These simple acts make magic seem easy, but they only hint at the time the wizard must spend poring over hell spell book preparing each spell for casting, and the years before spent in apprenticeship, learning the arts of magic. Wizards depend on intensive study to create their magic. They examine musty old tomes, debate magical theory with their peers, and practice minor magics whenever they can. For a wizard, magic is not a talent but a difficult, rewarding art.

Standard Role
A wizard usually keeps to the back of a party, damaging and neutralizing enemies with her wide selection of spells.

Any alignment

Hit Dice

Club, dagger, light crossbow, heavy crossbow and quarterstaff, but no armor or shields.

Skill Points
(2 + INT modifier) * 4 at first level; 2 + INT modifier each additional level

Arcane (intelligence-based)