Class: Paladin
The paladin draws on divine power to heal herself and her allies, ward off harm, protect herself from disease, and guard her heart against fear. A novice can confront evil, and experienced paladins can smite evil foes, turn undead, and cast from a selection of divine spells.

The compassion to pursue good, the will to uphold law, and the power to defeat evil -- these are the three weapons of the paladin. Few have the purity and devotion that it takes to walk the paladin's path, but those few are rewarded with the power to protect, heal, and smite. In a land of scheming nobles, unholy priests, inscrutable dragons, backstabbing guilds, and infernal fiends, the paladin is the final hope that cannot be extinguished.

Standard Role
The paladin's chief role in most groups is as melee combatant, and her spell selection is helpful in battling evil.

Lawful good only

Hit Dice

All simple and martial weapons, all armor, and all shields.

Skill Points
(2 + INT modifier) * 4 at first level; 2 + INT modifier each additional level

Divine (wisdom-based)