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Dragon Age II Equipment Database: Item Details
Hayder's Razor
Category: Weapon
Type: Two-Handed
Subtype: Greatsword
Material: Onyx
Rune Slots: 1
Damage: 18 (Physical)
Installation: Unlockable DLC
+24 Health
+24 Mana/Stamina
5% Chance to Knock Back
Requirement(s): Two-Handed
Hayders Razor - The ruined tunnels of the Deep Roads loom in the imaginations of Kirkwall's surface dwellers. Tales of riches and ancient relics abound, but only a handful who dared venture into the shadowy depths have actually returned. Of those who have, fewer still tell of it.
• Lowtown (Gamlen's House) or Hightown (Hawke Estate) - Found in Special Deliveries chest if you finished the Dragon Age II demo