Fallout Tactics Equipment Database: Item Details
Vindicator MiniGun  
Category: Weapon
Type: Big Guns
Weight: 31
Damage: 16-25
Minimum Strength: 8
Ammo: 7.62mm (100)
Attack Mode 1: Burst
Attack Mode 1 Range: 45
Attack Mode 1 AP: 5
Attack Mode 2: None
Attack Mode 2 Range: N/A
Attack Mode 2 AP: N/A
The German Rheinmetal AG company created the ultimate minigun. The Vindicator throws over 90,000 caseless shells per minute down its six carbon-polymer barrels. As the pinnacle of Teutonic engineering skill, it is the ultimate hand-held weapon.
• Junction City - Found on multiple reavers
• Great Bend - Found on robot
• Newton - Found on multiple robots
• Canyon City - Found on multiple robots
• Buena Vista - Found on robot
• Scott City - Found on multiple robots
• Uprising Special Encounter - Found on Brotherhood guards