Hellgate: London Quest Details
Primary Quest: Test of Fellowship
Located in Old Street (Act V)


  • Pass the Test of Fellowship in Old Street
  • Access the Sigil of Fellowship

  • 4015 experience (normal), 8260 experience (nightmare)

  • This quest will start up automatically after you’ve completed the quest Test of Beauty.


Your goal in this test is to control pinnacles and score points. Every few seconds, the number of pinnacles you control will be added to your score, and the number of pinnacles your enemies control will be added to theirs. The first team to reach 100 points will win.

You'll be battling a trio of imp lords in the test. There isn't much in the way of strategy for this. Just sprint to pinnacles as quickly as you can, and kill any imps you see. If a pinnacle is controlled by the imps, then you'll need to click on it twice to claim it as your own. As long as you move quickly and disrupt the imps whenever possible, you should win.

Once you've won the game, you'll be teleported to a chamber with a Sigil Point in it. Clicking on the Sigil Point will complete the test. If you enjoy the test, you can play it as many times as you'd like -- even after you've beaten it. Just talk to the Brother in the starting room to play again.