Hellgate: London Quest Details
Primary Quest: Test of Beauty
Located in Whitecross (Act V)


  • Pass the Test of Beauty in Whitecross
  • Access the Sigil of Beauty

  • 3640 experience (normal), 8190 experience (nightmare)

  • This quest will start up automatically after you’ve completed the quest Test of Leadership.


This test is sort of like a tug-of-war. You'll start with two "knots" on your side, and you'll need to push forward and claim the other three knots to win. A knot will jump to your side if there aren't any boils in the room with it, and it will jump to the enemy side if there are six boils in the room with it. For any other number of boils, the knot will be neutral.

There are two important things to realize for this test:
  1. The imp lords aren't important. It doesn't matter if they're in the rooms with the knots or not. It only matters if there are boils. Plus, the imps will re-spawn quickly if you kill them, so ignore them as much as possible and concentrate on the boils.

  2. If there are enough boils in one room, then boils will spawn in adjacent rooms. That means you'll need to keep a careful eye on your radar and backtrack as necessary to keep rooms clear of boils.
In other words, you'll need to kill boils quickly to pass the test. If you still have The Cleanser from the quest Scrub the Deck, then you'll find that it's just as effective now as it was before, and it will get you through the test quickly. Otherwise, you should use your best area-effect weapon (if you have one) and just fill the rooms with damage.

Once you've cleared all of the knots, you'll be teleported to a room with a Sigil Point in it. Clicking on the Sigil Point will complete the test. If you'd like to take the test again, to see how different weapons and strategies might work, then just talk to the Sister in the starting room. She'll allow you to take the test as many times as you'd like.