Hellgate: London Quest Details
Primary Quest: Big Sister's Song
Located in Monument Station (Act III)


  • Kill Oculis the All-Seeing
  • Meet the Sister
  • Speak with the Sister
  • Travel to Monument Station
  • Speak with Lord Arphaun

  • 7700 experience (normal), 18802 experience (nightmare)

Notable Boss Drops (Oculis)


This quest will start up immediately following Scrub the Deck. That is, it will begin when you destroy the furuncle at the back of Angel Passage. You'll discover that the furuncle was hiding a boss creature named Oculis the All-Seeing, who won't be happy about being bothered.

Note: Before releasing Oculis, it's a good idea to destroy all of the boils in the area. That way you won't be running around in toxic sludge during the ensuing fight.

Oculis is kind of nasty. It'll produce flying Eyes of Oculis to harass you, and, as long as enough of them are alive, it'll retreat into a shell and become invulnerable. That means you'll need to attack the Eyes so Oculis will leave its shell and produce more Eyes -- and become vulnerable for a while.

Oculis will produce the Eyes one at a time. If you can kill them more quickly than Oculis can produce them, then the battle should be pretty easy. Just attack Oculis while waiting for a new Eye to appear, and eventually you'll wear it down.

If you can't kill the Eyes quickly, then the battle will get messy. At worst you should be able to do a little bit of damage to Oculis before dying, and then repeat until you've killed it. Otherwise, just try to hang in there and defeat the Eyes as quickly as possible, and take your shots at Oculis whenever you can.

When Oculis dies, a portal will appear next to its body. The portal will take you to a small courtyard where you'll meet the Sister. To complete the quest, you'll need to talk to the Sister twice and then travel to Monument Station and report to Lord Arphaun. Completing the quest will also end Act III.