Hellgate: London Quest Details
Primary Quest: Scrub the Deck
Given by Rorke Pherral in Temple Station (Act III)


  • Speak with Ser Sing
  • Travel to Angel Passage
  • Cleanse the passage
  • Kill Oculis the All-Seeing
  • Meet the Sister

  • None


When you arrive at Angel Passage, you'll find that it is almost completely covered in boils. Worse, you'll discover that your regular weapons don't do any damage to the boils. Only The Cleanser, which Ser Sing should have given to you at the start of the quest, will hurt them. The Cleanser has a short range, but it'll get the job done against the boils plus the maggots and polyps they produce. However, you might want to switch to your regular weapon when unique enemies attack you.

The quest should be pretty easy to complete. To "cleanse" the passage, you don't need to destroy all of the boils. You just need to clear a path to the end, and so you don't need to worry about boils that are hanging off the walls or the ones that are wedged behind cars. You just need to clear enough of them out of the way to make your way through.

At the end of the zone you'll encounter a special boil called a furuncle. Destroying the furuncle will complete the quest and trigger the next quest, Big Sister's Song.