Morrowind Introduction & Advice
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This walkthrough was scribed in binary form for those not able to acquire or who do not desire to purchase the excellent questing resource you can find in Bethesda's Official Strategy Guide. There are a few tips and bonuses, and more in depth explanations written from experience to be found in the walkthrough here, however, that you won't find in the section of the aforementioned guide that deals with the main quest. I'd also like to add that since the difficulty patch came out (with the negative 100 to positive 100 slider) I have attempted to play through the latter half of the game against the toughest creatures in the game (someone that starts with a "V" comes to mind) at max difficulty (100). Even around level 40 with a nice Daedric Katana, the Ascended Sleepers, Storm Atron's and Golden Saints remain somewhat a challenge, especially in groups. At level 40 with the slider at 0 (default), an incredibly easy couple of whacks on the toughest of non npc's takes them down, and at -100 you might not even notice they're there. This walkthrough, though, will refer to the default settings in the game. To enhance your enjoyment of the game, please look here only if you believe you have to, and follow the difficulty adjustment recommendation below. It will make the game still easier but more consistent with the difficulty of the majority of RPG's out there and likely add to your overall experience.

General Recommendation:

Begin with the difficulty slider at level 0.
At level 5, increase the slider to 10.
At level 10, increase it to 20.
At level 15, increase it to 30.
At level 20, increase it to 40.
At level 25, increase it to 50.
At level 30, increase it to 60.
At level 35, increase it to 70.
At level 40, increase it to 80.
At level 45, increase it to 90.
At level 50, increase it to 100.

You see the pattern. Set the slider to a number that's double of whatever level you are.

Note on Main Questing vs. Faction Questing and Misc. Questing:

Part of the pleasure of Morrowind is that you can break off the Main Quest at any time and return again to it with absolutely no penalties (except maybe your character becoming too powerful to provide much challenge in the Main Quest). More than likely you'll be on your way somewhere for a quest, end up talking with a few new faces and pick up at least a few more quests, leaving you with decisions on what to tackle first. I suggest very gradually fulfilling the Main Quest as you progress in ranks in the various factions you'll likely be joining. The Main Quest takes a fraction of the time to complete as compared with all the faction and miscellaneous quests, so take your time.

Happy adventuring and on with the Walkthrough.